Our Principles

For over 100 years and 5 generations, McCommons Funeral Home, Callaway Funeral Home and Georgia's Lake Country Crematory has provided caring, dignified services to families in mourning and to individuals pre-planning their funeral arrangements. This rich tradition began in 1895 when J.H. McCommons opened his General Store in Greshamville. McCommons Funeral Home has since grown to accommodate the needs of Greene County and surrounding areas. Today, the McCommons Family and the entire staff build on this rich history by providing quality, caring service in innovative ways to meet each family’s particular needs.

There are some differences, of course, between the funeral home of the late 1800’s and the one that operates today. For one thing, modern automobiles have replaced horse drawn hearses. Funeral homes are no longer responsible for emergency calls or transferring patients to and from the hospital, as they were in the days before EMS and private ambulance service. Furthermore, an ever growing and more diverse population means that people require more personalized and individualized service. Personalized service has become a tradition at McCommons Funeral Home. Today we oversee McCommons Funeral Home with the same concern and devotion to service that has been a hallmark of the McCommons family for five generations.

It’s a hometown family history of five generations dedicated to providing exceptional service. Throughout the years and through all the changes, providing exceptional service to Greene County and surrounding area families has remained the highest priority. A fine, long history is only as good as what it means in service to families today. Built on over a 100-year-old family tradition of old-fashioned hospitality, a true sense of warmth and careful attention to detail, this kind of leadership and service is what you’ve come to expect from hometown friends you can rely on. To maintain the high standards people have come to expect from us, we are continuously looking for ways to better serve the community.

A Rich Tradition of Community Service 

Sometimes, it seems that the timeless tradition of neighbor helping neighbor becomes lost in daily life. But time and again, when tragedy occurs in this community, we help our neighbors. The goal of our founding fathers was successful, and it has continued to this day with the same tradition of dedication and family ownership that it started with during the late 1800’s. We offer our services in order to honor a life that has been lived, and to help comfort those who grieve.

Continuing The Tradition

Everything in life today is a whirlwind of change except for one thing. Our unwavering commitment to caring, personal service is the same as it has been since 1895 when J.H. McCommons founded our company. We are very proud of our tradition of five generations in funeral service. We believe that our friends and neighbors deserve nothing less than that proud commitment. We are also pleased that we can offer three licensed funeral directors, as well as a caring and supportive staff to help those that we serve.

The Role of McCommons Funeral Homes and Crematory 

McCommons Funeral Home most important role is helping you. Making any kind of funeral arrangements involves many choices and decisions. The professionals at McCommons Funeral Homes and Crematory give you and your family the information you need to make the right choices. We understand you will need to consider all available options; we will fully explain these and take time to answer your questions. Licensed and trained funeral directors help with both the practical arrangements and the emotional issues involved in planning a funeral.

Our Professional Approach 

An individual’s funeral service represents a unique opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one; the memories you have, the values they projected, and the accomplishments they achieved. The funeral also serves an important part of the grieving process. There is no typical funeral service. Each family has its own special needs, customs, and traditions. McCommons Funeral Home is committed to helping you create a meaningful service that is the most appropriate for your family. Our funeral directors and staff are dedicated to assist you in choosing the music, clothing, flowers, and any other essentials that are right for your needs. No matter what your situation or desire, we are here to help you - before, during and after the funeral service. Each family we serve has their own unique needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, and why we listen to your desires when arranging a funeral. We strive for your utmost satisfaction and we feel that will be the case when you have the opportunity to choose exactly the type of services you prefer.

As no two people are the same in life, so every funeral should be designed to celebrate the uniqueness of one’s life. McCommons Funeral Homes and Crematory purpose is to encourage family facilitated memorialization, ensuring that a family’s emotional, spiritual, and financial needs are honored. In other words, our services are family driven, not funeral home mandates. We’re here to offer you options consistent with your needs and desires.

Funerals today look much different than those of even ten years ago. Families are encouraged to design funerals that reflect the individual personality of the deceased and family lifestyle. That may or may not mean a religious service. It can mean cremation or earth burial. It may mean multiple visitations open to the public or a simple private family gathering. It may mean a casket draped by a beautifully designed floral spray or a beautiful, handcrafted quilt. It may mean a gathering of friends at a club or restaurant with an urn situated on a nearby table. It could be a High Mass of Christian Burial with fifteen priests and multiple choirs. It may mean a few family members scattering the ashes of the deceased from a boat on a lake. Our family is committed to meeting your unique needs in a personal and professional manner.

A fire truck, antique hearse or even a horse-drawn carriage might replace the role of the traditional hearse. A room filled with meaningful paraphernalia and photographs might also accommodate the casket or urn of the deceased. A casket designed for kids to write a message on may be very important to a group of high school students in their struggle to accept the death of a friend. A wooden, marble, or bronze cremation urn might be the most appropriate container for another.

Spiritual songs of worship and praise may speak comfort beyond words to one family, while the simplicity of quiet meditative prayer would best minister to another. A graveside service, church or synagogue celebration, or the simplicity of an intimate circle of family is equally valid in meeting the unique needs of a grieving family. The McCommons family is committed to helping you design a service that will be meaningful to you and your family.

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